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They are untidy, Palms!

Beer, wine, food, kids and pets are the major sources of stains, dusts and pollutants on your carpets, Palms 90066. All these stains should be cleaned off immediately and since you have not cleaned them for over 3 months, they have started giving out the foul smell which you are experiencing at your home now. They are untidy and they require the attention provided by our expert carpet cleaners. Stains of this kind require higher attention and this is what we are best at offering, so use our natural carpet cleaners and get those stains and dusts removed. Our carpet cleaners do not use harsh chemicals to clean your carpets so the natural beauty of your carpets is going to stay forever. You can even get a free estimate from us. Just be sure that you are going to get the best cleaning service from us so take your phone and make the call right now.

Are you cleaning your carpets regularly Palms and Mar Vista?

Do you know how important is regular cleaning Palms Mar Vista 90066? Yes it is very important not just for the rugs, carpets, and other furniture themselves but also to you and your family’s health. Regular cleaning not just restores the beauty of your furniture but also makes your home fresh and clean. Do you have any idea how much dirt, dust, grimes, and other allergens stays on carpets and rugs? Enough to make you get allergies and the sneezies, reason why you should get them cleaned regularly. If you don’t want to waste time and effort to clean all the time then call us BH Carpet Cleaners! We are the best when it comes to steam cleaning rugs, carpets, upholsteries and other furniture. And we are also the safest and greenest as we only use organic and non-toxic products. Come on start the cleaning immediately, call us and our nice techs will be more than happy to help you!

Lay on the beach? Nope! Lets lay on my clean carpet!

How are the folks of 90066 doing? Enjoying weather by the beach in Marina Del Rey?At BH Carpet Cleaners, we want you to enjoy another one of lifes luxuries…a fresh sofa/carpet/rug! We can clean/sanitize all your upholstered furniture and make it look brand new again. Our steam vacuum extraction process lifts and removes stains/spills and gets all the allergens and dust mites (naked to the eye) out of your home! The whole cleaning process is organic as our techs only use 100% non-toxic detergents. Give us a call and we will answer all your questions and give you a quote over the  phone. Use our 10% off coupon to save even more!


We are getting busy!

Our phones are ringing off the hook and we are getting kind of busy this holiday season so if you want to get your rugs, carpets and other furniture’s cleaned you better call us now and set up an appointment with us Palms 90066! Remember that when it comes to professional steam cleaning BH Carpet Cleaners is the best that’s why our customers keep coming back for our service. And we are still into organic and non-toxic coz we don’t want you to get exposed to any harsh chemicals. Get those dirty and stinky rugs and carpets you have ready, and call us right now before our schedule get all packed!

Bringing Deals to you!

Hey 90066, this is Jordan from BH Carpet Cleaners coming at you with all of his marketing might. Impressive right? All of you that live in Palms, impressed or not (most likely not) I’m just stopping by to tell you we’re keeping the 10% coupon going! That’s right, print that puppy out and save tons on a thorough carpet, upholstery, area rugs, or furniture cleaning today! We use only the best Non-Toxic and Organic detergents available today. Our green steam clean process is safe and gentle. Your kids and pets will thank you! Call us today for a free quote.

Don't You Want to Save More Palms?!

We know you’re probably kicking yourself for not taking advantage of the 10% discount when you had the chance. So we’ll give you another shot at it. BH Carpet Cleaners is going to extend the 10% discount to you through February. How’s that? Now you can get professionally steam cleaning done for your area rugs, upholstery, furniture and wall to wall carpet. So don’t procrastinate this time and give us a call now so you start the savings!

Holiday Cheers!

It’s holiday season again!  Man, that snuck up on us fast, didn’t it?  Well, BH Carpet Cleaners is ready!  We’re offering all of our new clients a Special Holiday TEN PERCENT OFF COUPON.  Just give it a click over there on the right and then print it out for us and we’ll honor it and give you a discounted rate when we professionally steam clean your area rugs, upholstery, furniture and wall to wall carpet.  Sounds cool huh?  Well it’s only cool for a few months because it’s gone when the New Year arrives so call sooner than later!

Palms 90066 Carpet Cleaners

Okay, okay, relax people of Palms.  We know you’ve had a lot of bad experiences with other carpet cleaning companies, but those dark days are over.  Now you have a company who’s good for you, and that’s BH Carpet Cleaners!  We offer the very best and most professional steam washing services for all your furniture, upholstery, area rugs and wall to wall carpet in your home, office or apartment!  For years, we’ve been servicing Los Angeles, West LA and the San Fernando Valley with our strong and safe non-toxic, organic and green products and detergents.  We have a very flexible schedule with technicians and appointments available seven days a week, including most holidays.  So call BH Carpet Cleaners right away and get your free estimate right over the phone!

Office Hours are 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Seven Days a Week

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  • These guys are great Greg Russell

    I called around a few carpet cleaning places, and some of them didn’t even pickup the phone! I talked to Jordan at BHCC and he great. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about and didn’t really try to “sell” me on anything. We talked about prices and setup a time for someone to come out. When the guy got there and measured everything it was right where he said it would be over the phone. Everyone should run a business like this.

  • Safe cleaners Lucille Raisch

    I have a little 6 month old at home and all she does is crawl all over the floor. It was getting pretty dirty so I wanted a carpet cleaner that could do the job without leaving any kind of residue that could hurt my baby. Lucky enough for me, BHCC only uses non toxic and organic products. They came out and did a fantastic job and my place never smelled more fresh. I always recommend these guys to my friends.

  • Good First impression Eric McClain

    I’d been looking for a company to take over for another carpet cleaning company that just lost my business. I used this company for years to clean my carpets in my building but just found out they were going bankrupt. I had to find someone else fast but not just anyone. I had called around to see what kind of vibe I would get from other companies but everyone I spoke to left a bad taste in my mouth. I finally called BHCC, from the first conversation I knew they would be good for the job. Then when they came the very first time, seeing what good of a job they did, I knew I’d found the company that I would be using to replace the other company. They are friendly people and very efficient. I think I made the right choice.

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